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Jannat 2 Download Full HD Bollywood Movie

Jannat 2

Jannat 2

Jannat 2 is a 2012 Bollywood crime thriller film and the sequel to the 2008 hit, Jannat. The film is directed by Kunal Deshmukh, and produced by Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt. It features Emraan Hashmi, Randeep Hooda and Esha Gupta in lead roles. Jannat 2 The storyline is based on the issue of illegal arms in Delhi.The first look was unveiled on 15 March 2012, whilst the film released on 4 May 2012,and received mixed reviews, however the film Jannat 2 opened strongly at the box office. It was given an 'A' certificate from the Indian Censor Board due its violent and sexual content.

Jannat 2 Plot

Jannat 2 story is about Sunil Dhariwal (SD) aka Sonu Dilli (Emraan Hashmi), or as most people refer him to "KKC (Kutti Kameeni Cheez / Scoundrel Rascal Thing)", a street-smart, small time arms dealer in Delhi who has the gift of gab. When he is interrogated by a tough cop, ACP Pratap Raghuvanshi (Randeep Hooda), he turns informer for the latter. Although helping ACP Pratap puts Sonu in jail for a little time, he continues to purvey the ACP with information about illegal arms racket as he has no other choice.
But when Sonu falls in love with a doctor, Jhanvi Tomar (Esha Gupta), and manages to woo her, he wants to leave the life of crime and settle down. ACP Pratap is hell bent upon finding who the leader of the arms racket is, as they were the ones who had killed his wife and made his life gloomy and miserable, persuades Sonu to continue being his informer by promising him protection and a good life afterwards. Sonu, without the knowledge of his wife, joins a bigger gang of arms traders.

Jannat 2 Cast

* Emraan Hashmi as Sunil Dhariwal (Sonu Dilli) / "KKC" (Kutti Kameeni Cheez) * Esha Gupta as Dr. Jaanvi Singh Tomar * Randeep Hooda as ACP Pratap Raghuvanshi * Manish Chaudhary as Mangal Singh Tomar * Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as Balli

Jannat 2 Release
 Jannat 2 released on 4 May 2012 in 1975 screens at 1575 theatres across India.Upon release, the film received mixed reviews , although became a commercial success at the box office.

 Indian Box Office
 Jannat 2 film opened strongly at the box office, collecting approx. INR7.50 crore (US$1.5 million) on its first day. It then went on to collecting over INR23 crore (US$4.59 million) in its first weekend. The film collected around INR35.50 crore (US$7.08 million) over the course of its frist week. Jannat 2 then dropped in its second week as it collected around 6.75 crore nett takings it two week total to around 41 crore nett. In five weeks, the film has collected INR42.80 crore (US$8.54 million) at the box office. Box Office India declared the film as a "semi hit" grosser at the box office.  

Jannat 2 Overseas Box Office
Despite a strong opening in overseas markets such as United Arab Emirates, the Middle East, United States and United Kingdom, the film failed to do well in the overseas box office. However, Jannat 2 film collected well in Pakistan. Over two weeks, the film collected a total of approx. INR4.50 crore (US$0.9 million) in the international markets.

Jannat 2

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